Trailering w F150


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Kabota b2710, cab, la402, b2782, 5' bush hog, homade carryall, 5' rototiller,
Dec 2, 2020
Granted it wasnt free ways but we used to haul 10 ton 4 wheeled silage wagons with a 1500 Silverado about 10 miles then hook to tractor dump, and put back on pick up and go get another loaded wagon. All summer those wagons got no breaks and sway enough you had to bring a spare box of under britches to work every day lol and end of summer new breaks all the way around the truck. We usually put a round silage bale inbpickup bed to help hold it to the ground when wagons hot to swaying lol. But talk about. A b**ch to stop after goingnng down hill lol the 90s....