Time for a new one.....or keep on chugging ?


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B2650, MX6000, (BX sold)
Sep 13, 2021
Been retired for 6 yrs now. Tractor was fully paid for when bought....so never any debt on it. I wouldn't ever get rid of this one, but might purchase something between this size (compact tractor) and the JD.

I've really only used this one to get to certain areas on my property where a larger tractor won't fit (easily). But it is quite limited in what it will 'lift' with the FEL and I am entertaining the idea of getting a tractor in the 50 hp range and add a grapple.

So this post is partly serious (get a somewhat larger tractor and use this one a bit less) and partly in jest (since I haven't used it much per year to begin with). I have at times used it to do things it wasn't built for, but (so far) haven't broken anything on it.

Since I have more time to devote to the property (being retired) I find a need for something *midsize* to fill the gap between the Kubota Compact L2350DT and the larger JD. Something that would handle a grapple and have better lifting capability is sort of what I am thinking of.

Of course any new tractor (new or new to me) would be a Kubota....I am sold on them for sure.
Well if you decide to sell you should have no trouble based on the condition. I would think the new owner will be delighted at the condition and brand new tires on it…if there comes a point you can’t give it away, send me a PM and’ll come down for a visit with my relatives and give it come home up North 😉.