Sub Compact Cultivator/Hiller for L1501


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IH Cub Lo-boy 185, Kubota L1501
Apr 18, 2023
Any advice on a one row cultivator for a sub compact, L1501? I'm new, home gamer, when it comes to implements/farming. More like large garden than farming. I hate hoeing! I was looking at some cultivators, specifically Everything Attachments EA 110 Single Row Cultivator V2.0 Talked to the Sales guy before adding to cart, thankfully. He said sub compacts don't have enough lift for these. I can only assume he is correct.

Ultimately I want to avoid a tiller, for now. $$$ Large rocks here on the Plateau in TN anyway. I have an acre field I might use eventually in addition to my 30' x 20' garden. Was thinking the middle buster that came with the tractor. Add a disc and spring tine cultivator + hiller... Are these too 'tall' for a little sub compact L1501? It has the extra creeper low range in addition to the H/L standard btw...
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