Some compact tractors have water problems with starter resulting in failure


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May 6, 2009
Richland, MO USA
I have Kubota L2500. Water in starter and rust from a tough winter caused magnetic couple failure. Complete dissassembly of unit, cleaned, checked all bearings, seals, and contacts. All looked good but still only spins and will not engage flywheel. Armature appears good but was dirty. Cleaned all contacts, lub bearings and put bac together. Really spins good but still won't engage flywheel. Calls to all to local dealers indicated "replace starter" at a cost of about 400.00. Found there is a magnetic switch replacement assembly that can be ordered from Kubota. The starter is 34070-16800 and the repair part was 16850. I also found several complete new Kubota starters for about 200.00 online at a variety of companies that use the Kubota engine for generators and other applications. OF NOTE> check the input to the electrical mag switch with a amp tester to be sure your in range for input (8 amps at 12 volts min) in the switch or will not activaste drive gear. Anyone else have any input about this let me know.