Snow tire recc.


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Oct 6, 2012
Williamstown Ontario Canada
Hello Ed here in Orchard Park NY
Need a snow tire recommendation for fronts on my BX 2360
Remember when you have 4 x 4 you need to keep front and rear tire physical geometries in sync.
There is a front to rear ratio of rolling circumferences built into the transmission.
Years ago when 4 x 4 was just becoming more common companies like JD placed a front to rear ratio label on the back of the seat.
Here are some documents from my archives.
Correct Tire Selection for 4 x 4_Page_1.jpg

Correct Tire Selection for 4 x 4_Page_2.jpg

The Tire And Rim Handbook is the bible when it comes to a resource for tire and rim dimensions but unfortunately it has gotten so large you have to pay for it. Some big tire dealers might have older copies they would give away.
Here is a page from an older version to give you n idea of the amount of detail they have.
Tire and Rim spec image2017-06-02-115506.jpg