Small Engine Saturday The Hunt


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Apr 13, 2017
West Mansfield, OH
Raining here today so no tractor time. Pulled out the old Craftsman power washer to get it ready to use when I clean the mold off the house. Hasn’t been used in 3 yrs. I did however put it away after I ran it empty. Plug, oil and air filter looked good. Splashed some fresh fuel in and gave her a couple pulls. Nuthin. Pulled the plug and it’s getting fuel. Did a quick spark test and no spark. Pulled the top covers and the coil is coming apart. No part number on the coil. Briggs site can’t help with out a model number. Damn, nothing I can see so I head in to town for a new plug and some fuel line. Hardware store can’t pull it up either so back home. Craftsman parts site shows the engine as non serviceable but due to the age allows me to download the owners manual. Bingo. I get exploded diagrams and just when you think it’s done, exploded diagrams of that Briggs engine. I got part of a model number for it as well. Back to the Briggs site and strike out. There are at least 10 variations of that model. Back to Craftsman. I find their part number for the coil. Out of stock. Back to Briggs and what do you know… Sears used the Briggs part numbers for that engine. Boom. Got the replacement coil number. $60 bucks. On a whim I go to the Briggs Amazon site and type in the coil number. Briggs has it for 30 here. On a whim I looked at what else Amazon offered for that number and a chinesium part was $9.00. I stayed with the Briggs OE part. Will be here Monday. Decided to clean up the top cover rust and dirt and get some paint back on it for protection. Lo and behold under the dirt on one of the tabs I find this.

it’s the full engine model#. Cross check that coil and it is the right one. Whew. Time for an adult beverage and then see how the old log splitter is doing.
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May 31, 2015
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Good detective work! And when you are dealing with trying to find parts, adult beverages are part of the game.