Shorten joystick throw


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Apr 25, 2021
West Virginia
Interesting - mine came in perfect condition and it even had the screw taped to the knob. I believe they were listed as factory take offs. But e-bay is the wild west and I don't have a lot of faith in the sellers.
Same seller/link as you bought from. When I contacted the seller, they are trying to argue saying its USPS's fault. I guess USPS used the knob, put the wear on it, put the cracks in it, added the black silicone then resealed the padded envelope.:ROFLMAO:

Like you said a crap shoot. If the seller continues to argue I will leave him negative feedback and open a case with Ebay. It was advertised as removed/new with packaging. :mad:

If the ad said "used" then I would not have a issue, but to me it's all about the principle of a lying seller, not the money.

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