Rewiring Air Compressor Control - solution, see last post


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Apr 2, 2019
At least you FOUND it !!!!
Years ago I lost my 1/2", deep , 3/8" Craftsman 6 point socket (old, like 50 years so real NICE socket...). I carry on, never found it (HAS to be in garage...)7-8 YEARS later I find it !!! 2 weeks later it's MIA, again....Yes I KNOW it's in the garage, somewhere....I look every once in awhile.but it's been since the 'Chinese invasion' that I've seen it.
This week my 3/8", shallow, 3/8" socket from the same set went 'walkabout'.....sigh......

upgrade..... in post #18, instead of the elbow, use a T and a 'stub'(6" nipple' with end cap) , to collect water.

see you're never 'done'.... ;)

after that, come on over and find 2 sockets !
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