quick question on tyre options.


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Nov 22, 2009
Leafy England....
With all the size comparisons and calculation to make on the 4wd tractor setup can i ask for a reasonable accurate answer to the following.
Having sorted out my rims for the front and back , i;ve got some nice new 10" rims on the front of my b6000 with 20x8.00-10 floation/turf tyres, i found one nice new 27x8.50-15 bridgestone PD1 rear (paid £29.99 inc shipping) but i cant find a matching one now.
If i was to fit a pair of 15" 4x4 all terrain tyres , what size would i need to use to match a 27x8.50-15 turf tyre. 4x4 all tarrain tyres new and used are cheap in the uk, a fraction of the cost of turf rubber, so it seems like a good option to gofor witha tyre that has a flat block pattern etc.

any help would be a great on this one guys.
I asume that a 212/80D-15 is still going to be better than a 215/80-15 or is 215/80 close enough to run with the 20x8.00-10m fronts.

thanks in advance