Questions about Grapple Build


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May 26, 2022
Beaverton, mi
Almost forgot, I don't have a scale but I can easily lift this up and put in on the front forks. Guessing it is maybe 100lbs at this point, probably less. I am pretty sure I will be able to build the lid and hydralics and not go too much over 200lbs, which is what some of the commercial units weigh. I do realize the commercial units are 50"-60" and this one is around 42" but bottom line was to make something usable for low cost that didn't weigh so much that it was useless. So far I have around $150 into it with the 3/8" back plate and the AR500 tine material and some random 1/4" scrape plate for tine gussets. I have plenty of steel laying around to build the lid, looks like I will be able to get a 6" or 8" cylinder for around $50 from surplus center and I haven't priced hoses or quick connects since I am not sure what quick connects I need. If I have $200 in hoses and quick connects this will be around a $400 grapple.
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