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Feb 23, 2023
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It’s less than ideal, but Google tranlate in your phone will allow you to scan kanji and with that you could read your manual…some of terms / comments will be some bastard sentence (jinglish)…but short of speaking the language and knowing the technical terms that’s your best option IMO. It’s definitely better than translator that doesn’t have the technical terms. It’s not a subsitute for dialect or local slang, but Google translate works in a pinch and it’s free…try going to a hospital overseas where you don’t speak the language in an emergency and they don’t take you in until you can fill out the paperwork. Anyway give it a try if want to read the manual or if another US model/manual is not a match to the controls in your machine.
I tried the phone thing and it sort of translated parts of the manual but not enough that I could make any sense of it but thanks for the tip.


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Sep 13, 2021
There is probably a lot of jinglish as there may not be characters that match the English words you or I would use…for that matter the characters were around before the tractor. So on technical items it can be a crapshoot in my experience. A lot of the time when speaking Japanese and a technical term is need they will use English word in speaking as there is not an equivalent.