New tires for BX25D better than OEM?? suggestions?


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May 24, 2019
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I foam filled the R1 tires on my BX, due to getting flats, over twelve years ago. First the fronts, then shortly thereafter the rears. Been very happy with them ever since.

The guy that filled them said they could adjust the pressure they cured at, and would be somewhat similar to air filled tires. Been so long I do not remember what air filled tires felt like, so I do not know about that.

I would not hesitate to do it again. Also, the added weight adds some stability. I think the four filled tires added about 280 pounds centered on the axles. Maybe more, been a while. About 1100 hours on the tractor since the tires were filled.

I do not have a loader on the BX so can not comment on how the tires would feel with a loader on.

Foam filled tires last a long time. I would only spend the money with new tires on good rims.

Nothing beats never having to worry about flat tires again, if flats have been an issue for you.



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Apr 10, 2015
Just a quick reply for anyone interested...

Those tires haven't given me any issue since I installed them! They have worked great and look like they will do so for some time.

1st year great! much better than factory fronts

Thanks for the input guys!

Ya, I guess with the foam I thought they could deal with a sidewall issue, but that's understandable. Only thing that kind of ticks me off is I told them I had a crack/leak in sidewall when I asked about foaming them. If they would have said, oh if it's a sidewall we can't foam them, then I would have been looking at new rubber from the get-go. :)

Agreed about putting them on, I have reseated the 4ply OEMs many times, I wondered if it would be hard or not, but yes I will let the pros handle it. Hopefully these are stiffer and stronger. My local shop said they would slime them and mount them for $64 total
13 to mount each tire =26 plus
13 slime for each tire =26 plus 13 labor =
64 plus tax (I am aware that doesn't add up, :) but that's what they told me)
Just in case someone was curious on what I am paying in western IL.

Thanks again for input! I will keep you posted if/when they ship and how long they take to get and how they perform... might even have to take some pics/videos when I get them on tractor.

Ordered last night 5:49pm and got a FEDEX tracking number just now at 11:47am.


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Oct 3, 2015
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Put these front tires on my BX25D after blowing out the sidewall on the stock tires.
BKT Skid Power HD 18X8.50-10 Load 8 Ply Industrial.
They are stiffer but I'm offroad so thats fine, hopefully wont blow out the bead so easy too.
Gotta give them a thumbs up.