New L185DT owner here!


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Kubota l185dt
Sep 26, 2021
Hello all, My name is Brad. So I recently picked up a pretty nice little L185DT with one catch...Engine is locked up. Tore it down and found it was starved for oil at one point in time...I was going to rebuild the Z751 but Stumbled across a Z750 from an L1500, well I purchased the Z750 thinking it would swap right in, but as soon as I pulled the flywheel it became a different story. The z750 Doesn't have provisions for a pilot bearing...Doh. Well I got to thinking about it and came up with an idea, what if I drilled a clearance hole in the Z750 Crank where the pilot bearing would normally ride (so as not to have to cut the input shaft) and then use the section of the input shaft between the tip and the splines (measures .7475) to move the pilot bearing into the flywheel. I would find a suitable I.D. Pilot bearing and have the flywheel machined out in the center to accommodate. I will try and get some pictures so I can be more clear on my plan. What do you all think? Thank for reading.