My Kubota L2002DT-M after few months of use


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Jun 10, 2020
Hello oranges,
I want to share with you my impressions of my tractor in the summer.
There were several problems with it. First, the radiator leaked and was repaired under warranty (glued). The problem, I guess, was with the safety grille in front of the radiator. The safety grille is placed in front of the radiator with 6 screws, and it is possible to install the safety grille closer or farther from the radiator. I guess it was installed very close to the radiator and the vibrations caused damage. Anyway, I changed the antifreeze and now there are no leaks.
Second, there was a problem with the ignition key (switch main). The symptoms were - the dashboard (instrument panel) stopped reading the temperature of the coolant and fuel; the headlights and turn signals did not work. The original ignition key is a terminal block that wears out over the years. Replacing parts in the switch main is difficult - it requires special skills and in the end there is no guarantee that it will work properly. The solution - replacement of the ignition key under warranty. By the way, any aftermarket ignition key (switch main assy) will work and is not expensive.
Third, one of the hydraulic hoses (bypass hose) of the front loader cracked and hydraulic fluid began to flow under pressure. The solution - I cut a piece of rubber hose of the same length and inner diameter and put it in place of the old hose. Works without problems.
Lastly, I have a question. Shortly after I bought the tractor, my father and I swapped the front and rear tires to make it more stable. The soil in our land is mixed - it is a mixture of rock and clay, in some places there are deep tracks and side slopes. After rain the soil becomes very sticky and slippery. I intend to expand the width of the rear tires by installing flanges for better stability. I think of a 4 inch extension on each side. Would it improve lateral stability?
Be healthy. Greetings from Bulgaria.


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Jun 13, 2016
Adding spacers to the rear wheels to widen the track should make it more stable. 4 inches seems like a lot to me. Swapping the front tires side to side won't add much stability because the front axle pivots. The front isn't as sturdy to handle the additional stress of the wider track. Adding wheel weights or putting fluid in the rear tires should help too.