Mower Deck Compatibility


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May 24, 2023
Nova Scotia
I had a BX1830 that I recently sold and upgraded to a BX1880. The 1880 did not have a mower deck so I just figured that I would keep the one off of the 1830 and put it on the 1880 when needed.

That time came last night and the deck will not fit on the 1880. The mounts on the deck that connect to the lowering arms look to be about 16 inches apart where as the 1880 needs them to be about 21 inches apart. Just wondering if there is an adapter that can be bought or if I am going to have to weld some brackets on the deck to make it work? Also, I didn't check but am hoping that the front bracket will hook into the deck.

The model number is nowhere to be found on the existing deck. Anyway, any advice is appreciated.