M7060 cab with cast centers


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Apr 27, 2020
Central Piedmont, NC
You didn’t say what type tires it has but not sure it matters much for your specific question unless you’re running R1 radials.

12 to 15 psi in the rears for bias ply R4’s or R1’s. A little higher for radial R1’s because they’ll naturally squat a bit more. It does matter some what you’re doing with it, but not a lot of variation on rears. You don’t want the tire coming off the rim but you do want the tire to flex at ground contact to increase the tire to ground contact patch. Getting an extra bar or half bar in the dirt makes a notable difference in traction. That flex also helps with self cleaning mud so long as the mud isn’t super sticky. As a bonus it will ride better, too.

Fronts, which you didn’t ask about, would be much closer to max rated pressure if running a loader.