L5740 HST PTO speed and engine rpm


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Mar 26, 2024
Greetings from finland!
I borrowed woodchipper from friend to test with my tractors pto before I buy my own.
It seems I have to rev my engine really high to get PTO speed anywhere near 540.
Is it ok for engine for prolonged time to run at max rpm? I tried to lower the PTO speed to 350 ish but the woodchipper got stuck and everytime had to clean the chips by hand. Chips did not eject from chute.

I can see PTO speed from instument cluster.

Do I have to buy PTO multiplier? Or invest in ear mufflers...
Woodchipper requires 30-45 horsepower and my tractors datasheet says 58 horsepower

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 2, 2015
Malcolm NE
Welcome to the forum. Out on my farm we run the engines at the rated speed to a 540 PTO RPM or 1000 PTO RPM. Tractors, combines, sprayers and such are designed to run at rated speed for hours on hours. Some tractors have a E range on the 540 PTO speed so the engine can be ran slower for 540 PTO speed. I had one that had it and it didn't work well for our operation so we ran the tractor in normal 540 PTO range. You will need ear muffs for a wood chipper.
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Apr 27, 2020
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Second @hedgerow’s post. There should be a mark on the tachometer for engine rpm to achieve 540 rpm on the PTO. It’s usually wide open throttle or close to it. Tractors are designed to run at that rpm continuously. They commonly are used to power pumps, generators, mowers, balers, and all manner of equipment that require continuous maximum or near maximum output for many, many hours.

For a chipper, get some hearing protection, set the engine to the rpm for 540 on the PTO, and chip away. That’s what it’s designed to do.
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