L4630 - IntelliPanel


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Kubota L4630
Jul 9, 2019
Good day all,

Another day another problem on my project. I got all the wiring and so on installed, but the Intellipanel seem to have a problem. With the ignition on the LCD only bring on the Amber back light and the Battery red indicator is all that comes on. The flashers do work, but seems like nothing else does.

Am I wright in saying that the panel has most probably given up the ghost? Should that be the case, I have a problem as in South Africa there are no Kubota breakers. And getting spares currently is a major nightmare. (Some of my ordered spares are now outstanding for more than a year.)

Thus I want to ask a huge favor here, is there maybe some one here on the forum that can source me a panel from a breaker? And please keep in mind that our currency is totally worthless against most world power currencies.

Sorry for asking, but this would be my only solution.

Thanks and regards Thys