L2501 clutch pedal lock pin

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B3030HSDC L2501HST
Mar 26, 2021
Northern Lower Michigan
Didn't know I had one!
Looked down yesterday and noticed the little springy thing by the clutch pedal.
Had to stop and check it out.

Never saw it in the operators manual,so I looked again and found in tractor storage.
Geez,need to pay better attention!

I've seen them on Grand L's before,and i recall older B series coming with a special block of wood for that purpose.

Good Luck!
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Sep 2, 2023
Alamogordo, New Mexico
Yep! Back around 1973, one of my buddies had a Ford 8N tractor that didn't get used for about three months. Started okay, but the clutch wouldn't disengage. So, he put it in first gear, pushed in the clutch pedal, started it, and away he went! He figured the clutch plate would break loose from the engine flywheel, but it didn't. We ended up breaking the tractor apart to get to the clutch. From there, I ended up using a putty knife and a hammer to carefully chisel and scrape clutch lining off the flywheel face. Before putting the tractor back together, we of course put in all new parts, especially the clutch release bearing and pilot bearing in the end of the crankshaft.

So, that's why Kubota has a way of locking the clutch pedal down to take pressure off the clutch disc. No fun when the clutch disc gets cemented to the flywheel!