Different Reactions to ROPS Modifications


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Dec 19, 2019
Southern, NH
hmm..without a tape measure, it's hard to figure out thicknesses ,so I was guessin.....

as for ...
'Only a dealer can bolt stuff on right (I read that somewhere). '
This was a tongue in cheek response to the "implied" warning that my "non-engineered" solution was going to kill me. Just because something is "engineered" or "regulated" doesn't make it any better or worse.

The latest 737Max has over 4 billion dollars in "engineering" in it. Right now I would trust flying more in an ultralight I made myself in my garage. Some will only "trust" the engineered solution.

Cigarettes are regulated. Think about that for a minute.
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May 18, 2018
If a tractor roll-over accident occurs at a wrecking-yard business and the roll-over was upon a discarded home-made canopy ... and if the ROPS failed to protect the operator.... WHO should win the lawsuit?

Possible answer #1: The tractor owner.

Possible answer #2: The junk-yard owner.

Possible answer #3: The Lawyer.

Possible answer #4: The insurance company.

Possible answer #5: All the above.

The loser: The operator. (He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.)

I hope that ROPS designers realize that tractors can roll-over onto all sorts of objects bolted or not bolted to the ROPS.

Remember: In a small town a lawyer will go broke.
But two lawyers will have a pretty good business.