Detent position for quick dump question.


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Mar 12, 2011
Pulaski, NY

I have a Grand L4330 with a front mount snowblower. I purchased the tractor used in the fall of 2019. I used it all winter and in the spring, I purchased a loader for the tractor. When they installed the loader there was no float to the loader. I called the dealer and they said to bring the tractor back. When I did, they fixed the problem by adjusting the cabling to the joystick. I then found the quick dump function for the bucket roll as a detented position on the joystick. Loved the loader and the functions. This past fall, I reinstalled the front mount blower which has a chute rotation function. When I hooked up the hydraulic lines, I could not get the chute to rotate to the right. Called the dealer and he explained that I need to push hard into the detented position for it to work. He was right. The chute function works as it should.

Here is the gotcha, the detente is hard to override and often the chute turns too far because of the force needed to override the detente. Is there some way to temporarily lock out the detente while the snowblower is on and then return it to normal when the loader is reinstalled?