Cylinder Lockout Devices for Kubota LA844 FEL


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Jun 2, 2020
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Having investigated many industrial accidental death scenes involving failed equipment, both hydraulic and mechanical caused by both humans and equipment failures, I worry about servicing my Kubota MX5100 tractor with the Front End Loader installed. To service the air cleaner, battery, checking oil and cleaning the radiator screen as well as accessing a couple of the zerk fittings, requires raising the FEL and working underneath it. So as not to have to chain the FEL up every time, I choose to use hydraulic cylinder lockout devices. So I made my own out of heavy walled aluminum pipe. The aluminum prevents scratching the chrome rams. I made two sets, one for each cylinder. I cut the pipes to length then split them lengthwise forming two matching (2) halves. I then place them on the cylinder rams and use pipe/muffler U-Clamps to assemble the two (2) halves back together. I have marked them and painted each set a different color to insure they are assembled correctly. They work great and are very stable. I have included some photos of them unassembled and assembled in place. View attachment 122827 View attachment 122828 View attachment 122829 View attachment 122830
Glad you’re thinking about safety. Like the OEM safety lift cylinder block on the M59 and use it often. Having safety devices quick and on-hand improves their use.


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Apr 13, 2021
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Good afternoon Gents,
Just wanted to add if anyone is interested we do offer, cylinder safety stops, not just limited to the Kubota brand if you have a need and prefer to purchase versus self-build. They are sold in pairs and come with safety pins for easy installation. Our current promotion has these at 20% off for those interested!

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