Cheap tires. 17.5L24 R4s



L48 tlb, ssqa forks, manual thumb for hoe
Aug 19, 2016
Shelburne, NS, Canada
Just trying to share a great deal.

The story I was told, is that they were the wrong size tire installed on a bunch of Branson tractors. Some have no use, some have very little before they were swapped out for the right size. The brand is Titan. I've read mixed reviews on line, but the worst seems to be from years ago.

I've already picked up a set for my L48, but waiting till spring to install them. There was about 8 pairs left last weekend. It's in Nova Scotia, Canada. Not sure if they would ship them.

I have no affiliation to Hants equipment, just trying to save people some $$$. Regular price on them is $800 a piece.:eek: