BX24 Plastic Hood & Fender All Cracked to Pieces


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BX24, LA240, BH
Sep 15, 2019
My hood and fender have all cracked and falling apart, I fiberglassed the hood back together and used some aluminum tape to hold the pieces on. I paid $20K plus for this tractor and seems it looks pretty junky for an quality built tractor.

My father has a 2380 I think, my brother and I needed to take the fuel tank out (wowzzers, what a job) and we had to remove the fender assembly. His looks to be exactly the same dimensions as my BX24, the hood also is metal and measures exactly.

Does any one know if these metal fender and hood will fit my BX24? I'm not buying plastic just to have it fall apart again. The fender was replaced once on a recall for no supports between the fender and foot plate. They did little to keep it from cracking again.