BX23SLSB-R with wood chipper?


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Aug 9, 2017
Island County, WA
Hello All. Getting very close to purchasing a BX23S. We have a 5 acre lot w/ lots of woods that need work. I have piles & piles of branches on the ground & we got tired of hauling them to the chipper pile a year or so ago. We have a limited budget, don't need to mow, would like to be able to lift some heavy things now & again & dig the occasional hole. I have a friend that has an older version of the 23S & he freaking LOVES the thing. My main question:

Has anyone used the BX23S with a PTO woodchipper? Can you recommend a brand & model that worked well for you?

Huge investment for us. Really want to be able to look back at this purchase 10 years from now & still be super happy about it. The chipping will be essential.

A follow up question: close dealer that sticks to msrp vs. more distant dealer that may offer something in the way of discounts? I really want support when I need it, but I am already pretty damn inaccessible (island) & the $ side is pretty tight.

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Nov 23, 2009
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Check out Wallenstein. I ran a bx42 (no longer made) for years behind my BX23 before I upgraded to a BX62 for my larger tractor. They are very well built, and easy to maintain. No belts or pulleys to deal with. And don't bother with the hydraulic feed. I have never felt I needed it. If you toss a branch in the hopper, when it engages with the cutter blades, it is gone. Good luck with your acreage.


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Apr 20, 2016
Merchtem, Belgium
I've got an GEO ECO 16 (made in china), that looks exactly the same as the BX42, paid around 1000€ for it.

My tractor only has 16hp at the pto, so it sometimes bugs down.

It hasn't got hydraulics, but I've only missed those when trying to get small twigs in it. For all the other stuff it eats it no problem. upto 2.5". With more HP it would eat 3.5" no problem.

Think you'd need at least 20hp at the pto to constantly feed bigger than 2.5".
But if it's mainly branches that little tractor will serve you well.


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Feb 20, 2013
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Hi, I bought a bx25s Wallenstein last year and have it behind my bx2660 (19pto hp) it's a 5". I'm very happy with it so far and it seems to be built well, I went with a 5" because all trees have branches and they need more room to get in. It will bog the tractor down on a really long tree but for the most part i'm ok with it, the down side is they don't put a chainsaw bracket on it to carry your saw around. Good Luck on your choice