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Sep 26, 2023
Clarkdale AZ
Good day. I have several properties, 4hrs away and in process of buying a third (in contract as we text)…anyway I haul between properties regularly. For me close to 25% of the miles on my truck are towing a trailer based on when I remember to push the tow / haul button.

Anyway I don’t have much thought on your machine without more info…I guess I would probably lean towards a B sized TLB with the FOPS straight from Kubota, but I like a BX too…to me that sort of depends on your expectations for what front loader will lift or what you want to dig..maybe think about that.

Now regarding a trailer, depending on how far and how often you tow/haul I’d question what trailer you are getting for 5k. Maybe it’s fine for your needs. My thought is a 16’ trailer with all you ordered is probably pretty full and very limited in terms of getting you home from the dealer with much room to spare. Personally if planning to go very far or very often I’d think about more trailer and most likely some different features that you might value with regular use. What’s the overall length of machine you are buying with loader/bucket and BH? Then Will you even want to bring any other implements with you? How about a large tool box (gang box) Which implements? Ever plan to have a brush hog? Do you have a foot or two extra either direction so you can get proper tongue weight? Depending on highway use and speed limit, what speed ratings are the tires? How about the ramps? The fold down MaXX ramps with heavy springs are money well spent as you age. Then if planning to use regular I would not buy a trailer that did not have extra tool box’s for chains and binders, etc. I’d do a deck over for ease of everything including loading from the side if you ever plan to haul stuff on pallets or depending on how you plan to load your implements. To me a deck over makes things ver easy to load…tilt deck would also be a consideration. If planning to use a lot I’d want to make loading unloading as easily as possible.

So for me for a trailer, I’d be think about frequency of use and how to make easy as well as what is correct length for what I plan to haul.

I am not sure what the trailer in your package is or isnt, but usually when I have seen those packages, the trailer is sort of low end side of features and capability and stuffed over the rating, cheap tires (if going far at highway speeds it’s a consideration) to get you home in one trip. Again I am not sure what your trailer package is, but I’d be thinking about tires for the weight and speed ratings, frequency of use and how you want to load (deck over) and total trailer capacity (length and weight) and buy just one time. I am not sure that helps or not? 🥃
Thanks! Great info.