Buying BX2680 - Can you negotiate price?


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Jun 9, 2019
New Jersey
I was looking to trade up from BX to 2601, where were you a week ago lilguy :)

I got the best price from the dealer that was a mom and pop shop about 2 hours away. I have a relationship with them from my implements. No haggling, they were 2k cheaper than my local dealer down the road. For service/repair reasons, I really wanted to buy from the local dealer, and had to discuss pricing with them to match. It's very frustrating when someone doesn't put their best foot forward to build a relationship the first time.

lilguy, I would put the 2601 on CL you will prob be surprised at the interest it will get, in my case it netted me 5k over trade in value. Well kept 2601's are very hard to come by used.


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May 29, 2017
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When we bought our 2017 BX23S brand new, we got a 60" MMM included, out the door was $19K
We got zero down, zero % financing. Fast forward to today, i dont think that deal would be as good.
Our Kubota dealer also gives us GREAT deals on anything we need.

Our dealer is 1-1/2 from us one way. They never forget our names, and they send us christmas cards.
Every time we walk into their dealership, they bend over backwards for us. Always happy to see us.
I think what is most important, is how you`re treated at the dealerships after the sale.

We didnt really need to haggle with our deal, it was already far better than any other dealer had.
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