Buying BH70 backhoe for B2601


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Kubota L48 TLB, Ford 1920 FEL, Ford 8N, SCAG Liberty Z, Gravely Pro.
Nov 14, 2019
Eastham, Ma
+1 👆 🍺 I had never even met my salesman until I went and picked up my 50 hour oil and filters. All done electronically/email and over the phone.

I love that damn BH77.

My only problem now it that I want one for "Up North" and one for "Down South".

This could get expensive......The finance committee meeting is going to be brutal this time around.
It is very clear to me that you need another backhoe !
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LX2610SU; BH77
May 23, 2021
South Jersey
Do I really need a BH? Not really. Heck, I don't even really need a tractor. But it really completes my tractor, and fits nicely within my growing attachment collection. Having the various attachments available makes owning the tractor seem so much more justified. Considering how Kubota makes it so easy to buy these things (got the entire package delivered to my home with an electronic signature @ 0%) I 'm a very happy customer.
I think every tractor deserves a Backhoe :)