B7200 Tire information/experience


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Kubota B7200
Apr 6, 2022
Mansfield, GA
I had asked a few days ago about the front tires on my B7200. Apparently Kubota for a time used bolt together rims on the front, the Model of the RIM is B8731. However I didn't find much information on them so I had to learn the old fashioned way, talking to some folks and tinkering on my own. If you own these 8 inch rims that use 4 bolts to connect to the axle and have 6 interior bolts that attach the two rim halves together, here's what I learned.

!. You can not get a tire on that rim without separating the two pieces, won't happen.
2. The gasket/seal that goes between the two rim halves are discontinued, more on this later.
3. The bolts I used to replace my broken ones are 5/16 x 3/4" galvanized machine screws purchased from Lowes
4. You can put a tube on these rims as the ones I took off one tire had a tube, one did not.
5. They are really easy to put back together and makes changing the tire pretty easy actually.

Now about those gaskets/seals. They no longer make them, but thanks to my brother who spent 8 years teaching John Deere technicians, he said the simplest and easiest thing to do is go to Wal-Mart and get a bicycle tube that will fit the diameter of the inner rim, punch your own holes and voila you have a new gasket. The other which he said would work but is much messier is using RTV silicone. I'm not sure if it's allowed but I'll post al ink to a video about using RTV as the gasket/seal.

So Lesson learned is that The rim model number basically meant nothing. If you want to purchase this rim, you'll have to get a different / aftermarket that fits your tractor. The gasket though no longer made can be found if you dig and dig, it's about 20 bucks for the one I found that was similar, I didn't keep that link as I took my brothers advice and purchased a bicycle inner tube and cut it to fit my needs.

Link to video of Silicone: