b6000 front turf rims 4 stud


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Jul 9, 2019
so everywhere i look the front four stud rim is like a unicorn. Kubota here in australia say the 4 stud doesnt fit my 2wd model, (they dont get too worried about spares for grey market)

the tractor when i bought it had some seriously dodgy 12 inch car rims and tyres so i want to return to something to bring the front end of the tractor closer to level again... problem is i'v started on a mini forklift for the front too... ill do some progress photos when im closer

anyway can somebody tell me for certain that a 4x4.5 stud pattern is common in kubota in general terms as i have a guy with a set i think is close but he says they definitely wont fit any 2wd 6000 series.

i can get some custom built for about $100 per rim or find some locally for around $80 with tyres fitted