B4200 non turf tires


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Nov 5, 2019
I swear I've tried googling and reading up on this, but I seem to be more confused now than when I started.

I currently have 20x8.00-10 Turf fronts and 212/80D15 rears on my B4200. I am trying to get to an Ag or industrial tire. My tires look to be in good shape as the tractor only has 500 hours and was kept inside, but for my use I need something more aggressive.

My questions are this:

What can I get that is more aggressive, and what mounts to the rims I have?

I am new to tractors and looking for this info seems too be far more difficult than it needs to be.

Thanks for any help.


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Oct 31, 2016
Labadie, Missouri, USA
Hello - I***8217;m in the exact same boat just the other way around. My ***8216;89 B4200 has original ag tires and I was looking for turfs. I***8217;m pretty certain that the rims are NOT interchangeable. This model was right before the BX series was introduced so parts are truly difficult. Even with new rims, the ag tires are like unicorns. Carlisle makes a compatible rear but I***8217;ve honestly not been able to find the 4.5-10 fronts. My dealer quoted me $1750 for new rims and turfs. Yikes. Other than that I LOVE the machine. Always use the smallest tool for job, right? :)