B2920 chain recommendations


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Jun 7, 2015
Washougal, WA
I need chain recommendations for my B2920 with Ag tires:

Front: 12-16.5NHS
Rear: 23x8.5-12NHS

Loads of snow this last weekend here in the Pacific NW. Ran out before the snow to get a spreader to get screenings onto a couple of hills after I use my three-point snow blower & rear blade to clear most of the snow on our 1-1/2 miles of private road. That ends up working OK once I can get the screenings running down the chute, but with wet screenings, it can take some poking around with a piece of rebar to get it started. Spent about 14 hours clearing maybe 14" of snow, and it seems more is on the way.

But I forgot all about chains!

Everything works fine except on one side road that has a steeper hill where the snow drifts are up to over three feet deep--and I have to go uphill. If I could get to the top, I could easily blow my way back down, but going uphill, I simply do not have enough traction, even if I turn around and try to remove the snow bucket by bucket with the FEL. So I am guessing that chains may help me here.

I have always been partial to V-bar chains for my vehicles when clearance allows, but what about for the tractor? Peerless (I think their retail brand is Security Chain) is right across the Columbia River from us in Clackamas, OR, and I see they have V-bars for the front (QG2826 or QG2826CAM) but only traction coil, passenger-type chains for the rear (Z-547 is the best of these).

I am just not sure whether V-bars are necessary or advised and/or if coil-type chains would suffice. And there are, of course, many other chain manufacturers our there.

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