B2601 and RCK54-32 MMMdeck


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Jun 30, 2022
North Branch, Minnesota
After waiting 10 months for a new mower deck with no insight from the dealer on how much longer I’d have to wait, I woke up early last Friday and searched Facebook marketplace for “Kubota”. About ten items in was a RCK54-32 mower deck for sale and $1000 cheaper than a new one. I messaged the seller asking if it included all bracketry, he said yes, but it was all still on the tractor. It looked really nice in the photos so I asked the seller if it was still available, he said he had a buyer coming in 2 days. I mentioned that I could be there in an hour with cash, he did not respond. I then said I could be there in an hour with cash and remove the brackets from the tractor, he said OK let’s make the deal. It’s a 2017 unit with very low hours and was even able to remove most of the bracketry myself so I knew how it all went back together on my tractor. The paint is still on the blades! Nice.

I’ve got it all mounted on my tractor and even have most of the operation figured out but, it would be nice to have documentation. That said, I’m in need of an operator manual, is there one available somewhere on the web? Guess I could just go purchase one.

It took me a while to figure out how the deck lift should function with the 3 point. At first I was struggling but think I have it figured out now. Was making me yearn for an independent lift system for the deck. My old Case 446 has a separate deck lift system, cylinder and valve. Has anyone or does Kubota offer an independent deck lift? Seems like it would be pretty simple to fab something up, provided a person has an extra SCV to use for power. I’m thinking a small 1.5x2.0 hydraulic cylinder with a bracket off of the axle housing end.

Anyway, glad to be mowing again with something other than the 51 year old Craftsman Suburban!!