Any LX2610 or B2650 owners?

Matt Ellerbee

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LX2610 EA grapple, 5' LP cutter and box blade
Jun 27, 2019
Canton, Georgia

Ok. If I can tap power only energized when the tractor is running, I'll skip the power switch. On vehicles, I can generally find a power source within a few minutes of poking around with a meter. Maybe even directly off the ignition switch. Your switch does look clean though.
Lol, mine was “meant” to be on the run side of switch... got distracted and prob had one too many, wired it to the hot side. Oops. Hasn’t had any problems with draw, so it will likely stay.

And if you tap the run side, and hit the button, without grapple hooked up, they will open/pressure hoses. Not that it matters in the long run, just a preference thing.
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