Alternative to Carbon Tax?


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Nov 14, 2019
Eastham, Ma
more importantly ,it's the LAWS they pass that are destroying our countries....

FYI, I see running the country as a BUSINESS ( income,expenses, profit ) not 'politics'.
Canada has been run as a "socialistic enterprise" for a LONG while now!
The USA is now closing fast,..... on the same!
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Oct 15, 2021
Who do you vote for when you don't trust any of them? People tell me you have no right to complain if I don't vote but they seem to forget I'm paying the same taxes as them so to them I say kiss my ass. When you're ready to do something about these crooked s.o.b's I'll be there but don't ask me to vote for someone I don't like nor trust.
You vote for the lesser evil.

I don't trust any of them either. But I vote. Even if it doesn't matter with today's technology. I did my best.

If socialism and Gov control is what you want. If you want a free ride with beans and rice. Vote Left. Once enough left get in control, your votes are a joke. It's then a dictatorship. But there have been exemptions here, like JFK.

If freedom and less Gov control is what you want, vote Right. Once enough right are in control it's a crap shoot because money is king with many, not righteousness. But there have been exemptions here. Like Reagan.

Race is a non-issue if you research it.

Freedom is at stake.

The current front runners in the US:

POTUS: Probably has dementia and is very very left. If you are middle class, get ready to lose Everything if he wins. Gavin Newsom will come next and may God help the free people if that happens.

The other side is the T word. A man who is great for the nation, economy, freedom, security, and respect to God Almighty. But he doesn't know when to shut up. He is not an eloquent speaker. Is he electable? IDK. He is fighting for his life in court in a typical fight that we see in Russia where the competition against the left is imprisoned or dies.
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