Adding Ballast to BX25D


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2013 - BX25D
Apr 7, 2016
Northwest PA
I've been working on a few upgrades to get my BX25D ready to plow some snow this winter.

Since I am going to be taking the backhoe off to reduce chance of backing into something.....I decided to add some ballast to my rear tires to replace some of the weight I'll be taking off.

After pricing it out a few ways, I went with the RimGuard / Beet Juice.

My local dealer sold to me for 2.47 gal + tax.

I was able to easily fit 10 gallons each in the rear tires.

Rear tires now weigh about 150# each. Yes they are a ba$tard to take on and off now :)

I did a short video up on how I added the beet juice as well as another video on updating from rubber to metal valve stems.

Thanks for checking them out.

Ballast Video:

DIY Valve stem replacement:

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Aug 1, 2015
Minneapolis, MN
Nicely done, Rimguard is the way to go. I used the snow blower last winter a few times with only the loaded tires and it worked well with R4's. I did pick up a weight rack from Omni Manufacturing called a transformer to add about 400 more lbs that also has a chain for skidding logs. All set for snow if we get any this year.