4wd M6959dt missing where the 4wd shaft attaches?


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May 18, 2023
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Hey everyone, thank you for having me here and trying to help. Means a lot.
So, I picked a used m6950dt with little history on it.
The 4wd does not work and was told that when purchasing from estate sale. I assumed it was because the the 4wd shaft was missing all together, but after purchasing months later realized not only the 4wd shaft that turns the front wheels was missing, where that shaft attaches toward the rear of tractor under transmission appears to be missing as well? It has a cover plate over the section where it appears that the "drive link" (I believe this is what it is called on diagram) is missing?
Anyhow, mainly trying to figure out if this is even possible, what I need to exactly install on this thing to make it work, and a rule out hopefully that previous owners didn't actually swap a 4wd transmission out for a 2wd transmission. I doubt the latter, but it is something that crossed my mind.
Thank you!

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Jun 17, 2012
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I have to real knowledge about your tractor but can suggest you look at the illustrated parts list at

i do know that the DT designation is for 4wd and that some tractors from Kubota have a section of the transmission that is the output shaft for the 4wd that can be removed.

Perhaps something broke on the 4wd system and then they removed that section of the transmission for some reason??