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Default Re: Skidding winch

A regular valve is like going from drive to park with your car. A motor valve would be like drive to neutral, it can coast. If you have a high speed motor, or one with a lot of rotating mass, this sudden stop could cause hose/motor, or other hydraulic issues.
In this case, you have little mass, and very little speed, I don't think you will have any issues.

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mike paulson
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Default Re: Skidding winch

As Boz states there's really little or no rotating mass in our capstan setups. That's the beauty of a capstan system. Imagine spinning a huge 3 ft diameter , three inch thick steel wheel on a hydraulic Motor, then suddenly shutting flow to that motor. The inertia that wheel would have at that point if spinning at say 200rpms would be huge. But any damage I would think would be post spool valve in the circuit anyway. I think your concerns are with delivery to your spool valve when suddenly throwing it out of the detent position, and there shouldn't be any if my thinking is correct ,or shouldn't be any different that a spool valve operating a motor or a cylinder. Give the guys in the tech Dept at Hydraulic Surplus Center a call and discribe your circuit. The tech named Mike is very helpful and might help with putting your mind at ease because I known damaging something in the tractors hyd system is scary as hell.
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Default Re: Skidding winch

Thanks for the great explanations guys. I understand now. It makes total sence with the extremely low rotating mass and extremely low speed that the capstan have that this isn't really a concern. But I could see it if there was more speed and/or mass.
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