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North Idaho Wolfman
North Idaho Wolfman
No, you would have to change the rears at the proper ratio.
Thank you for the suggestion. I have considered your idea. I found that Titan 18.4x26 tires would give me a good rolling circumference on the rear to synchronize with the 12x16.5 front tires. However, I have not been successful finding a Kubota 6 bolt wheel with 4-5/8" center hole, 6" bolt circle, centered offset, and has rim width code of DW16A . Even if I could find the correct wheels, I may have an interference problem with a larger diameter tire (which will be wider). The 3 pt lift arm may hit the tire. I don't want to change the offset on the wheels to allow more room for the lift arm as the rear axle bearings probably are not designed for a significant axial (side load) due to the moment the offset would place on the bearings. So I'm back to needing a technician that has an idea of how to change the front axle drive to synchronize with the stock back wheels. Thanks again for the idea. Is there anyone from Kubota Engineering out there?