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    How many working hours before you sharpen lawn cutting blades?

    Kinda like asking how long until you sharpen your chainsaw. It depends. If the wood or grass is clean, you don't hit dirt, you can cut quit awhile if it's sharp. It takes very little dirt or rock and it's time to touch it up.
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    WTB Top Link for L4600

    Not impressed with the kubota top link. Not nearly as beefy as my John Deere 750 which has 1/2 the hp.
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    safety switch

    Not real familiar with your machine. You have a rear and mid pto correct? I would bet or hope you bumped one or the other. You also need to have the hts in neutral I believe. If it's none of that, check the seat safety switch and report back. Good luck.
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    Leak and slippage

    One of the first things to do is check the hydraulic oil dipstick which is behind the seat above the pto. See where the oil level is when level. Report back with that info and what type transmission (hst or gear)
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    L2050 refuses to start without glow plugs

    When did it start do this? Any changes just before? New fuel, worked done to it? 45 seconds is to long to use the glow plugs anytime.
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    L3301 Something like this?
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    G2000 Kubota

    As far as I can tell gas was the only option.
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    L3901 Front Axle Oil

    Pick which ever you like, but I wouldn't mix. If you drain it doesn't matter. If your adding I'd go with the factory fill. Most likely udt-2. That's my opinion, worth every penny you paid for it.
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    G2000 Kubota

    3 cylinder, 4 stroke.
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    UDT Oil screw up

    Yup, change immediately. If the engine is cool, I would not start it to warm the oil. Drain overnight to get virtually all out. New filter and diesel (CK is current) oil, 15-40 sounds good.
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    Paint Color for L3010

    Approximately 1989 is what I've read. Always hard to match paint that time has faded also.
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    top link hook??

    Your tractor is a L4701 correct? I'm not sure I understand what or where your tractor was welded. Pictures would help someone to try and offer help.
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    LA724 loader for my L3940?

    Loaders are not easy to find, new or used. Check online, there are many auction sights. Good luck.
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    Loader barely raises

    Sounds like you have found the problem. Does it have quick connects? If so sounds like it may need to be replaced. Possibly a collapsed hose, or a blockage in the pump block. Good luck, let us know.
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    MX5400 vs M5660 size?

    A close friend has a m5640, basically the same tractor pre tier IV. It is a lot of machine in the woods. It leaves ruts in fields the smaller machines don't, but it can do things they can't!