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    L2250 Service Manual

    Send me a PM with your email and I will see what I can do. :cool:
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    L3901 died instantly an and now giving error coded E-20

    The safety switch keeps the tractor from being started with the hydro pedal out of the neutral position and also kills the engine if the hydro pedal is out of neutral without an operator in the seat.
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    BX23 new HST blowing filters

    They are not a mystery or hidden, they are very much visible and out in the open. There are 3 white or clear plastic plugs stuck into the oil passages on the rear of the hydrostat assembly.
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    My 1999 b2400 is in need of new hst

    What is your tractor serial number, there are 2 part numbers possible. I may have what you need.
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    BX1860 will not start

    There are actually three electrical shut-off setups that Kubota commonly used on these engines, the solenoid can be mounted above the pump, inserted into the rear of the pump, or inserted through the front cover into the pump. The latter is used primarily in industrial applications. Some are...
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    L3901 died instantly an and now giving error coded E-20

    That is the neutral safety switch for the hydrostat control pedal.
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    BX1860 will not start

    The fuel shutoff solenoid is mounted above the injection pump, and the injection pump is spring-loaded to the RUN position. To shut off the engine, the current is applied to the solenoid which then retracts for 7 to 10 seconds. The current will then be stopped by the timer and the solenoid will...
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    Bseries valve clearances

    Kubota has a chart in their WSM that shows it as well.
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    Year Model of L2350DT...........?

    Check the location shown for the L2350 serial number.
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    L4760 ECU issues

    L-Series and MX-Series - Diagnostic procedures for P0606 and P0605 Issue: The common rail diagnosis manual does not provide a clear diagnostic procedure for these codes. P0606 and P0605 indicate a power or communication issue with the ECU. When these codes occur, the tractor may crank over but...
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    RTV-X1100C Floor Mat Recall

    Here is a pdf of how the floormat is to be modified.
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    You need to snug up the 4 radiator hose clamps a bit. I go through this with a dozen customers a year. Every once in a while it is the radiator cap, but most commonly it's the clamps that have not been adjusted as per the Maintenance Chart in the Operators manual.
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    Cylinder Liners

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    Raptor filters

    What are the specs for the filters?
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    Broke off the transmission oil filter nipple

    Here is a used one from a BX2200D, the same Kubota part number. eBay item number: 125177719278