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  • It seemed necessary to update my signature so folks would know I am not a newbie. I am a Kubota Princess but, I have at least 7,500 hours of experience after I was thrust into it by a Cat 5 hurricane, clearing debris for 3 years on 200+ acres of woods now fields. I am NOT A NEWBIE!

    Hubby, PSDStu has thousands of hours over 15 years and he is the best teacher ever. We work together exceedingly well, and even tho I was tossed into the tractor scene, I fell in love. There is not one thing he can do that I can't do. We are a great team. If you don't believe me, ask him!

    I removed my humor post of my rant about the L3560 because it was clear no one really understood the humor in it. There is always a tractor down with irritating needs, or in the shop from a tree falling on it or some such thing. To us it is just better to laugh than cry at this point.
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