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  • The 20.5-8-10 USA Trail 6 ply was the only thing I could find that worked when Firestone dropped as Bridgestone had before the 21x800-10 Turf & Field ( Bst was 20.5-8-10 identical rolling circumference as the Fst 21x8-10 ) was brought back to market.
    You are looking at it correctly by figuring by RC so that's 90% of the battle in figuring out what else will work up front.
    I'll have to look at my notes since Carlisle still hasn't posted the RC's of their smaller turf tires on the website or in a new catalog as they've promised for over 2!!! years. I have the sheets I get through a customer service rep at Carlisle who
    magically gets the info from the engineering dept I can look thru and see if I can find what fits it.
    Please send me an email with this message to:
    al@cwtire.com that way I'll have it where I can see it ( remember it!!!) to follow thru with what you need to know.\
    Hello! I have a B7300 with 4 dry rotted turf tires. Factory tires were Firestone Turf and Field 20.5x8.00-10's on the front and 29x12.5-15's on the rear. I'm having a very difficult time finding replacements. However, I've zero'd in on the Carlisle Multi Trac C/S 29x12.5-15 as the best possible replacement for the rear. Per Carlisle, it has a RC of 90.2 inches (somewhat larger than the Firestone Turf and Field, which is 86 inches). This means I need to find a front tire that is proportionately larger to match the slightly larger rear. Per my calculations I believe I need something with a RC of approximately 63 inches (as opposed to the Firestone, which is 61). As someone who deals with tires, and who is familiar with Kubotas, can you recommend a front tire? I noted in one thread you recommended the Carlisle USA Trail (20.5x8.00-10). There are four difference USA Trail tires this size. Would any of them work for me? Much thanks for any assistance you can give me! Robert
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