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    L2501 back hoe

    Your buying a tractor with the presumption you will have it for a long time to come. It would be a major inconvenience to have to rent something every time you needed to dig during that same, significant time span. I can’t see buying a tractor and not getting a BH.
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    I would make plenty of money off of it. Flipping trailers is the side hustle to my side business. But I don’t see the absolute need. DOT gives you 3’, and the tractor and brush hog is the absolute longest I’ll be. It’s 1.5-2’ off the back. Currently, I will haul nothing else on the trailer...
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Picked up this 16’ flatbed a week ago. Spent the week tearing it down and building it back up. Finished it over the weekend. All new wiring and lights, had to wire the brakes which are good, and re-decked and painted. For the price I got it for and money spent on it, I can comfortably deal...
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    Selecting a box blade for a subcompact

    Again, I use my 1260 PERFECTLY FINE. Performed recent grading jobs where the box was full. If you know what you are doing, there is no problem. I got it partly because of price, but also to ensure I was well beyond the width of the rear tires...And when I up-size in tractor someday, I may not...
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    Selecting a box blade for a subcompact

    I use a 1260 perfectly fine…
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    Frame bolts. Is this normal?

    So to continue, are these bolts in question responsible, or in any relation, to the FEL being “level” from side to side?
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Caught a nice deal on this RCR1248. Used the backhoe to get it off the trailer, so that’s what I did with my kubota today. Looking forward to using it. Thanks B737 for the local encouragement, ha 😁
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    Transporting BX23S

    I always thought that to be a federal thing. While I have not been stopped yet while towing, I have heard of other local contractors being stopped for a 3pt implements not being selectively secured to the trailer, even though it’s hooked to the tractor. I don’t secure my FEL or back hoe (just...
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    Leaves - what to use

    Does this have any affect on collecting acorns when raking? Or do they slide between the tines too easily?
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    Kubota L3302

    A dealer I visited back in January had mentioned the 02 series having an increased lift capacity in the FEL from the 3301 and 3901. Not sure if true or not, maybe someone can confirm
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    Good deal on an L3010?

    Good looking machine. My vote is the L30 over a BX, not sure they even compare. These tractors will last a long, long time, and 890 hours on a 20 year old machine is not high at all. If maintenance records check out, that'd be a good buy in my eyes. Good luck
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    Leaves - what to use

    Partially. Too much of anything can be bad, and when my leaves fall, its like the trees declare holy war and they are trying to bury me alive. I must fight...
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    Leaves - what to use

    I blow mine into long rows aimed at the road, then push the rows to the street using a front end loader. I would push the limits of my ride on mower before I grabbed a leaf rake and tarp. That’s not happening…:
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    So I’ve heard!:unsure:
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Right. So mine is 7x12, and it’s a stretch getting it comfortably in there and I have a BX. It can be a challenge avoiding too much tongue weight. If I have the backhoe off and am trailering implements, one has to be backed on (box blade), unhooked, and tractor turned back around, and the...