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    Short video of my L1500DT running

    Hey Kenny, Wow it sounds pretty good, even with the crush washers on the injectors leaking even. Congrats, looks like you are making progress, :) I am hoping to have mine back in service this week. Cheers Samantha
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    Overheating and low oil pressure?

    Hey Kenny, Here are a couple of pics showing the scale buildup inside my engine, they only show a small spot but you can get the idea. Cheers Samantha
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    How many working hours before you sharpen lawn cutting blades?

    We have a couple of places here and they both charge about $5.00 per blade. I don't make a run out for just 1 item or task or thing anymore unless it is a "has to" case, these days I complete many things when I go out, (gas prices are just stupid). Anyway when I have a dull set of blades I tie...
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    Bad Ground side effects

    Be sure to check the entire wiring harness for critters chewing on things, I have a Husky mower I am working on now, and they chewed up one of the plug wires and a hot wire feeding bot coils, really frustrating. Also take every ground connection completely loose clean the connector and sand the...
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    How many working hours before you sharpen lawn cutting blades?

    When they start leaving uneven patches or doesn't cut every blade of grass, and I find it easier and less time consuming to keep a spare set or 2 on hand and take them to someone with a machine to sharpen and balance them, much better blade life and results on my lawn. Cheers Samantha
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    Overheating and low oil pressure?

    Hey Kenny, First thing I would check or replace is the radiator cap, these things are pretty old, (I have one), also make sure the air intake screen in front of the radiator is clean and the fins are clear, (a bit of air and or water will work here just not real high pressure), that screen in...
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    Loss of power

    Hey ferguson, Do a pressure leak test on the entire fuel system, if it has the smallest of cracks anywhere it is drawing air it won't have any power. I had an 05 WS truck that the fuel filter housing was cracked, did never did leak fuel but it did suck air and ran like crap, plus MPG sucked...
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    Some of my equipment mods.

    Hey Chris, Like I said I was giving information from notes left to me, but after thinking about it the front wheels are the ones he had made, and he did that so he could put the larger/wider tires on it. I love the stance it has with the new tires, it doesn't look so skinny and unstable now...
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    L295 clogged fuel

    Hey Folks, One BIG thing to keep in mind with this statement: "Then use muriatic acid from Home Depot let it sit for a while keeping the rusty areas wet. Then wash the tank throughly", , (or any kind of acidic type of product), is make sure you fill the tank with baking soda mixed with water...
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    L1500DT Front Drive Shaft:

    Hey Folks, I hope everyone is doing Great, :) A belated Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. OK so I have followed KennyMillar's adventures with his front driveshaft, and I am glad he was able to find the needed parts, it just sucks he can't find a decent driveshaft shop, sighs...
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    Tack Cable

    Hey Folks, Well it's been awhile since I have posted anything so I have a bit of catching up to do. I did take the tack gearbox apart, man was that a crudy mess, but I finally had my machine shop make a wrench to get the 2 smaller plugs out, after a complete disassemble I scrubbed everything...
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    L1500DT Driveshaft issues

    Hi Kenny, Sorry I haven't been on for awhile, been busy, busy, busy, and even more busy, lol. Has tomorrow came for your driveshaft yet? I hope so, I know what it's like to have your orange not running, sighs, but I am getting close now, :). Cheers Samantha
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    L1500DT Driveshaft issues

    Hey Kenny, :) Glad to see you have the new parts, that 1500 will be up to snuff in no time. 2 days turn around, wow that's quick, heck I can't send a letter across town that fast. Let us know when you have it all put back together, and of course, Pics, lol. Cheers Samantha
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    L3400 turns over strong but will not start

    Hey Roadworthy, Not sure how the fuel system is made on that model, but a diesel needs compression,timing and fuel to run. So if it was running strong then died did it make any unusual noises when it died, or did it just stop running, if that is the case then you have a fuel system issue. I...
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    L1500DT Driveshaft issues

    Hey Kenny, Wow that is in rough shape, (thinking it may be time to check my driveshaft, lol). I'm not sure of the spline count or dia, but I think it's the same as the front crank shaft, so if you find something let me know. There are places that can actually make spine shafts and couplers...