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    ROPs Carry All Basket

    nice job and a great idea to re-purpose the basket. I am in the same situation as you Lil_foot, I have my BH77 that I use a fair amount. Mostly I need something to carry stuff when it is off though, but this got me thinking, I could add a basket to the top of my ballast box. I would have to...
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    Ballast box

    When going down a steep drive/hill with a load, front or back (like a trailer), I would recommend using 4WD for that reason exactly. The rear tires are where your brakes are too, so without the front wheels engaged if you hit some loose gravel or ice and you have no control. It only takes a...
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    B2650 vs LX2610

    Messicks has posted a review on the LX series now and is showing some in stock so I imagine you can get pricing from them
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    Ballast box

    Having the ballast box on and keeping it low wont hurt anything and will possibly give you better rear traction. When running a FEL you need to have some sort of rear ballast - at least either an implement or a ballast box.
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    Hydraulic Auger / Mixer Project

    So prototype testing is done, when are you going into mass production so we all get one :D
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    B2650 vs LX2610

    The B2650 has the LA534 FEL, at least mine does, and I purchased in the summer of 2019. In the LX brochure the only FEL offered is the LA535 and it SSQA standard
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    Rear Blade

    Buy it - for 200$ you could always sell it again in 6 months or a year if you never use it
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    PTO Wood Chipper

    I have the woodland mills logging trailer and have been looking at getting the chipper. I dont have first hand experience with the chipper but the trailer is really well built and solid. There is a thread on here that talks about those two brands here
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    Ford vs Ferrari Tiller for L3560

    TTwT just posted a video on his tiller and he has a KK and a Tuffline. One thing he mentioned about his KK is that it is not as robust as the Tuffline (starts around 3:26) and he discusses a few items he has learned over time
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    Hydraulic Auger / Mixer Project

    Yup that is the coolest thing ever :cool: Add my name to the list for production, what a fantastic build, well though out and planned. I could definitely see myself playing with that. If you were to add the post pounder option too, that would make it the swiss army knife of fencing
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    Buying B2650 tomorrow.

    When I was looking for my B2650 with a BH77 and still shopping dealers. Only one dealer actually knew that you should not load tires if you have the BH77. He happened to be the 3rd dealer I had visited and the first two had included the tire ballast in the price. So not too many people have...
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    60" or 72" MMM?

    I went with the 60" to keep it closer to the tractor width and I had measured some of my narrow spots and I was really close to the that width. So I decided two passes was going to be a better fit. Like rokhunter mentions getting under things with the extra width is a little easier with the...
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    Steep Trail Solution

    If you are getting wash out around that corner it will be hard to control. I imagine during rain you are going to get lots of water coming down the path as well as coming down the hill side. Keeping it against the hillside and sloping things into the hill will help, you will need a shallow...
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    Steep Trail Solution

    I would second this - you need a good solid base of larger rock, typically 3" minus is good, but on steep inclines larger rock is helpful. Needs to be packed too, I would go with a 4-5" on the bottom and then top it with 2" minus and leave it at that. The cloth is preventing rocks from sinking...
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    Electric Grapple

    Here is a good option for people with pallet forks to enable grapple functionality