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    Valve Stem Replacement Help

    Can you resolve the problem by replacing just the core of the valve stem? I don’t understand your problem 100% so may be way off base. Try using a brass brush on it and see if there are any threads on where the nut is.
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    Tractor rpms

    I assume it is a mechanical cable drive tachometer.. Replacing the cable would be my guess to fix it.
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    Need L245DT Label Part Number

    You want 37150-24580 Mark, aux speed change
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    pto not working

    Check that the linkage is actually moving the shaft that goes into the tractor case. Is something loose or a roll pin sheared? Clutch adjustment if it is mechanical?
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    BX5450 Snow Blower Drive Chain Problem

    There are also tools to pull the chain tighter together to get the master link in without fighting too much. You may not have any room or need for one but the tool makes it easier in general. I also try to replace the master link when replacing the chain. Eventually the sprockets will be worn...
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    iPhone / iPad questions

    What “killed” your iPhone?
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    iPhone / iPad questions

    It can be done but may need a working iPhone. Search the internet for calling from an iPad to get information
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    Smoke and run-on

    On the mechanical driven pump some diaphragm tears and the fuel just leaks into the crankcase. On electrical ones I don’t see it happening either.
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    How to increase hydraulic flow L3400D?

    You may be able to rent a lot of the skid steer implements when you need them for occasional use.
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    L175 Remote Hydraulic

    @TheOldHokie please correct me if I’m thinking incorrectly. The tank return basically is the fluid moving out of the cylinder so is really low flow and low pressure. The power beyond is the flow and pressure of the pump basically. The pictures look like an older L185 ... series and there are...
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    Early 80's L285

    See this thread for information on starters
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    Need L245DT Label Part Number

    It was a few years ago probably five or more. I may have found them in the old paper parts manual I bought from Messicks. I will take pictures of each label with the part number to match and start a new thread to post them since they seem to be popular
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    Need L245DT Label Part Number

    I know that I looked up a lot of the label numbers on the Kubota USA site on a computer but see very few labels on the kpad Kubota site for use with iPad.
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    Need L245DT Label Part Number

    I have that label and part number but not handy today. I will try to get it tomorrow or this weekend and post back. If you don’t see the information you may have to remind me to get it on Sunday morning.
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    LX3310 3 pt height

    Look at your lower arms and see if there are two holes in the arms. If so you can move both the lift (vertical) links from hole to hole and gain movement but change capacity. Some of the vertical links also have multiple holes to use. The top link position in the three holes has to do with...