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    Seat time on a L2501, my thoughts

    Sounds like an L2501 if it doesn't have fender mounted controls. Good machine, but explicitly an economy tractor. So review makes sense.
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    LX3310 Pricing and Availability

    It's interesting. I'm in New Zealand. Turns out most of our Kubotas are manufactured in Japan. Our dealers have reasonably full lots, and lots of implements. I got my B2601 just before Christmas, and they had a lot of machines on the lot then, they still do when I drive past. Seems to me...
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    How much weight can a BX 1870 move without harm

    The towing weight limit to me is associated with what the tractor can control/stop in most conditions. Clearly a BX cannot control 5,000lbs, hence all the questions about the terrain. I don't believe it's in any way associated with what would harm the tractor - pulling 5,000lbs on flat level...
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    B2650 loader disconnect pins

    Nice. Black bolt head would really finish it off......
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    B2650 loader disconnect pins

    That's a really tidy solution. I was figuring you need to either make the hole smaller (a bushing, or what you've done), or make the pin larger (some hose over it, or wrap in tape). Your solution is really tidy and removable, and I'm pretty sure that's going to work well.
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    Cousin used my BX

    I let people borrow my stuff. But I know that if it gets broken I'll have to pay to fix it. I don't like my stuff being broken, but I accept that I break stuff (and fix it), and other people break stuff (and they fix it or I do). I'd rather spend the money than have the argument. I most...
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    How much weight can a BX 1870 move without harm

    I used to pull my boat with my BX (now pull with my B2601). Tandem trailer. 2600kg = 5,200lbs give or take. It always worked fine for me, no issues. The BX will spin it's wheels long before anything breaks. One time when I wasn't there my partner pulled the boat out with the BX. Apparently...
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    B7200 vs BX2200

    HST is great. But if you're even close to using the capacity of the B, you'll be disappointed in the BX. It's not a bad machine, but they've squished it down to a size constraint, and I think that squishing involves too many compromises. I had a BX, I moved to a B2601, and it's quite a lot...
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    New B2401

    Those of us in the know call it "working". :-) If our significant others get the idea we're playing there'll be no more tractors.....
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    New B2401

    Basically a non-HST B2601 I believe.
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    Buying help - 1995 L35 or 2008 L39

    That's an awesome machine!! Not a TLB, but who cares. :-)
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    B2650 loader disconnect pins

    Ah, I think I see. You're saying that with a bit of down pressure the pins become unloaded, so they're loose. Makes sense, this is how you get the loader off. And since you're doing a fair bit of auger work, they're unloaded a lot. When unloaded they can move side to side really easily...
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    Be kind to your Kubota dealer

    It's always good practice to be nice to those you do business with. Having said that, according to Neil (from Messicks), they're actually selling more tractors than ever. There's not a shortage of tractors as such, in that there are more tractors being made. But there is a shortage in that...
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    Frustration with waiting on new Kubota order

    I agree with all this. My additional observation though is that in a tight labour market there aren't enough workers for all the jobs. The thing we should want to happen is that the lowest paid jobs don't get filled, and get replaced by automation. That means that the average job now pays...
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    Reckon Just Gonna Have To Trade Tractors

    I'd just talk to the Messicks parts guys. They seem pretty good. You have to ask for exact part numbers and google them to cross check before you buy - but they do pride themselves on knowing what they're at. Neil does the video and knows lots, but he's not the only guy in the company. One...