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    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    Photos are always deceiving. The flatter parts of that look like you could mow fine with a tractor with belly mower, or brush cutter. The steeper parts look like you couldn't mow with anything, because there's no flat land above it.....unless you're driving your tractor in the lake and have...
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    BX1880 Capability

    My views. 1. A BX can cut that grass - it won't hurt it at all. But it's too small of a machine for that task 2. If you're cutting twice a month, that's not really finish mowing - so you maybe should be looking at a flail or a rotary cutter 3. A BX isn't a great machine for a flail or...
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    New LX2610su or 2015 L3301

    The LX and the L aren't that different in capability - they're surprisingly similar in lift, the LX has a bit more ground clearance even. But the L is more tractor - it's built more solid. 33HP is a reasonable amount more than 26. Honestly either is a good buy - a new LX with a few more...
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    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    Call it your "water feature". Then nobody will know what you mean. In NZ we'd call it a dam - because it's man-made and probably mostly about stock water (at least originally). Mum and Dad's property has 3 dams on it, in 75 acres. The one that's near the house would typically be more...
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    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    The embankment mower is the critical factor. It is, at least theoretically, possible to do embankments with a sickle mower. However, they're dangerous as all get out, and there are lots of stories about 3 legged dogs due to sickle mowers. I think they can take a bit of maintaining too. But...
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    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    You've got a house mower. So you don't need a small tractor. For the work you suggest it sounds to me like Grand L minimum, probably MX or M. Dad had an M that he eventually upgraded to a 100HP Kioti - he got sick of brush hogging to trim the tops of his paddocks, and got a dual spindle...
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    Messick's Telescopic Stabilizer Kit - BX Series

    Maybe. I had them on the BX and never had a problem - liked them a lot. On the B I don't, and I miss them. I can only go by my own experience and my own use.
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    Messick's Telescopic Stabilizer Kit - BX Series

    I had Hodges on my BX, they were excellent. My B2601 has factory ones, but not as good as the Hodges - they have a vertical pin with a clip on the bottom that's a pain to take on and off - Hodges had a vertical pin with a retained ball bearing holding them in - so you just pushed them in and...
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    Dents on Brand New Loader?

    I'm with OP. He paid for a new one, it should be new and undamaged. It's not a big deal that it's damaged, it's unlikely to impact anything, but the reality is that it shouldn't be. If it were me I'd probably want a little something to make me feel good about it - otherwise that dent is going...
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    Zero turn to B series

    My B2601 mows well. It also pulls the boat fine - a Malibu ski boat, probably around 4000 lbs on a tandem trailer. I pull it on the flat, but also put it in the ramp and pull it out. I use a trailer mover on the 3ph. Everyone says not to, but it works fine for me, and lets me lift one set of...
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    B2310, b2601 or L2501

    I don't see it that way so much. They sell a boat load of BXs. So there are a boatload on the used market. Also, I think it's a tractor that you buy when you have a small lifestyle property - the kind of property that might not really need a tractor, but you want a tractor. Then you move...
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    Maybe a new BX2380 ?

    I agree the JD is in between the BX and B. It's more tractor than the BX, and I'd think on 2.5 acres you may wish you'd purchased more tractor. To be honest, a BX is about a million percent better than no tractor, and will absolutely do the job. But it's quite a big step to the B, beyond that...
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    Split Brake Preferences?

    It feels to me that they're slowly moving their range based on %HST vs %gear. So tractors like the L, which probably had a significant number that were gear drive, they still had the brakes where they used to be, and on the L they still had a clutch for the PTO on the left. They've gone to an...
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    Split Brake Preferences?

    I personally prefer the left with an HST. With a geared machine, right would be better. Having said that, I've actually never separated the pedals on my B2601 and used them to steer, I've never had need. So it's a bit theoretical.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Bought the kit. Really glad I did. Everything fit exactly like expected. The instructions were incredibly brief. They were correct, but really could have done with a bit more step by step. I found a YouTube video that was very helpful.