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    L2002DT maintenance part numbers

    I use Q8 T 35 SAE 80W. Hidraulics of my L2002DT-M works properly, without any issues.
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    My Kubota L2002DT-M after few months of use

    Hello oranges, I want to share with you my impressions of my tractor in the summer. There were several problems with it. First, the radiator leaked and was repaired under warranty (glued). The problem, I guess, was with the safety grille in front of the radiator. The safety grille is...
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    New old Kubota L2002DT-M

    Thank you, oranges. I already have L275's owners manual. It's very usefull. I have kubota's alternates filters. It seems a big problem will be with hydraulic filter. In Europe have no some alternate filters, except Hi-fi filters, which is a french manufacturer. For engine oil I will use STOU oil...
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    New old Kubota L2002DT-M

    I don't worry about scraches. The tractor is for work, generaly for making a muddy road from public road to my house - cutting trees and bushes, graveling land and etc. The seller did very good job - repaired everything on tractor and servised all components. All liquids - transmission-hydralic...
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    New old Kubota L2002DT-M

    Hello from Bulgaria. Yesterday I became a owner of refurbished Kubota L2002dt-m. It's a great little tractor with front loader and Monoermatic rotary triller. For information the front loader is made by Uchida (now Uchida-Rexroth). Additional I bough a new 2 furrow plugh and old, but robust two...