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    Lifting 5gal cans of diesel fuel a problem

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    Garden fencing. What do you use?

    I also use the TSC 72" fence, about 150'. it works for us against the deer, rabbits & the chickens, but not the chipmunks.
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    New to me B7610

    I have had my B7610 since about the same time frame. Would be glad to help you out with any service or operating questions. The parts & operator manuals are available online or I can send them to you by private message.
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    Favorite small tractor setup for lawn mowing on a hobby farm?

    I know this is the Orange site and I have three of them. I have a few acres to mow that include pond banks and a steep slope (25-30 deg.) between drives. I tried the Kubota models and they just didn't do it. I wound up with a JD X758 with a 60" deck. Four wheel hydrostatic drive with the front...
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    Woodchipper for Kubota B2320

    I have a Wallenstein BX-42 (4") that I run @ 996 PTO RPM. The B7610 handles it fine but it is manual feed. That can be a real workout and dangerous. I wear a forestry Helmet and have been whacked in the back of the head too many times.
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    B7510 pto 540 or 980 rpm selection

    There is a lock out plate that has to be moved. I use the 960 rpm for running the wood chipper.
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    Wolfman or someone that know hydraulics

    Be sure the 3PT lever is in neutral place as well as any other hydraulic valves you may have. see post:
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    M5400 hydraulics (almost) dead this morning, working last night

    Been there, Done that. Sometimes I knock the 3 PT lever off center. The first time, I had to call the service dept. and they told me what to look for.
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    Mountains/hills VS Flat Spaces

    I certainly love the view from the elevation but spending 2-3 hours clearing the 1/2 mile private road this weekend was no picnic. It's like a ski jump with the ice we had. One disadvantage with a steeply sloped parcel is every time we want to add a shed or barn, you have to call for a...
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    BX23D Breather Vent added to Front Axle

    Great idea! I have the same problem in the summer time grading the road. Thanks for the idea.
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    Harness seatbelt

    Here are some ideas that might work. You can put the standard belt through the loops and not use the metal tangs that connect to the center of a 5 point harness. There are various mounting options.
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    Finding threads started by a member

    I went to "YOU", second banner down ON RIGHT: "YOUR PROFILE" then "POSTINGS" It may depend on your starting page, it varied from where I started....
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    Dumping landline phone service?

    We have had Tracfone for 20 years and dropped the landline when we retired 5 years ago. Out phones have sequential numbers and it only costs about $8/mo/phone when I buy 2 years of airtime. We've never run out of minutes or data, I've spent more time on hold than talking...
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    Joys of new tractors

    Must be a Kubota thing. The radiator hose clamps on my RTV-500 would not stop leaking. I finally had to double clamp them in an impossible area to get to.
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    I use the Group 51R in my B7610.